To be a cook is above all to be passionate, diligent, and innovative because you will have to follow a lot of training programs to come out as a graduate student. CAP, BEP, training, and cooking school courses.

You will have to constantly develop your knowledge of gastronomy, management, hospitality, or the culinary arts.

Any great cook who practices this profession and who respects himself must take care to observe certain hygiene but also safety instructions put into practice in a restaurant.

You must also possess qualities such as physical resistance and know how to show composure and discernment in the face of a stressful position or fortuitous situation. You will have to like teamwork and accept being led by a chef when you start.

It, therefore, requires discipline and motivation. Many cooking schools in France, whether in Paris or Lyon, offer courses to properly train students to resist stress.

“Cordon Bleu” cooking school

The Cordon Bleu school was created in 1895 in Paris. This prestigious school is a culinary art and hospitality management school.

It is part of an important international network that brings together more than twenty countries. The school allows its students a multitude of perspectives to learn the culinary arts through its various programs.

Cooking school in Lyon “Institut Paul Bocuse”

As its name suggests, this school was founded in Ecully, near Lyon, by the great star chef, Paul Bocuse, in 1990.

Since its opening, more than 700 students have joined this Institute to train in culinary management, but also to follow training in hospitality and catering and hope to become graduates.

The Paul Bocuse Institute offers courses and workshops to teach its students how to perfectly master the art of cooking and to strengthen or give birth to their artistic talent in terms of culinary creativity.

“Ferrandi” cooking school

Established a hundred years ago by the Paris Ile-de-France CCI, the Ferrandi cooking school, also known as the Havard of cooking, is one of the best schools in France. His references in the culinary arts are well-established!

CFA Mederic Pastry

Before becoming a CFA, the establishment was a simple hotel school set up in 1935 by members of the APHRL, a professional association made up of hoteliers, lemonade makers, and restaurateurs anxious to provide real training to their staff.

What training should a future cook take?

As in many professions, employers prefer to recruit people with experience in gastronomy or graduates who have had the baccalaureate and who have studied extensively after high school. This is the case in the catering and hotel industry where the demands are high.

Having the required experience, specific professional education, and notions in management can greatly interfere with your job search, whether to work in a large gourmet restaurant, for a hotel, or even in a pastry shop!

A student graduating from the Vatel International School of Management, for example, will have a better chance than another of getting a job as a cook.